One family, one restaurant

For more than two decades, two generations of the Luhan family have set the standard for Orange County's ever-evolving culinary landscape. The first to introduce the use of fresh pasta to the local dining scene, the Luhans were also the first to manufacture their own line of homemade olive oils made on the premise of their farm in Tuscany and shipped to their OC restaurants.

About Us

The origins of the Luhan's culinary dynasty can be traced to long before the family opened their first establishment, What's Cooking? Bistro located in Newport Beach. It began with the family matriarch, Mary Vallera, first to set sail from her homeland of Prota, Italy who traveled to the land of opportunity - the United States.

While her three daughters often surrounded her in the kitchen, it was her youngest daughter Lucia who displayed the most intense interest in culinary activities. She was curious about the use of ingredients, the fine art of pasta making and the many recipes her family used for creating sauces. Lucia's keen interest in gastronomy continued to develop throughout the years.

In 1976, armed with a carefully crafted menu and a collection of Italian design elements, Lucia opened What's Cooking? Bistro in Newport Beach and the restaurant became an instant success. From the very beginning it was a family affair. While her mother Mary Vallera, was busy preparing her homemade pastas in the kitchen, it was Lucia who supervised the preparation of every menu item that left the kitchen and oversaw the entire operation of the restaurant. Her two young sons and daughter oftentimes bussed the tables, cleaned dishes and observed "behind the scene" activities. Even Lucia's husband, noted plastic surgeon Jorge Luhan Sr. got into the act serving as a host and waiter.

The success of What's Cooking? Bistro eventually prompted Lucia to open two more restaurants, What's Cooking? Express Cuisine in Costa Mesa in 1982 and Luciana's Ristorante in Dana Point in 1983. Luciana's, built in the 1930's, with its classic Italian menu soon proved popular among local culinary enthusiasts and tourists in search of excellent cuisine. Word of mouth was so positive, in fact, that the restaurant was soon catering to numerous world figures and Hollywood celebrities.

It was at this time that Lucia, always on the lookout for ways to improve the quality of the restaurants for her patrons, began searching for the ultimate olive oil. After conducting an exhausting search that took her all over the world, Lucia realized that perfection could only be attained by developing her own brand. The weather conditions and overall environment in Italy seemed the most conducive for creating an exceptional olive oil, so, Lucia bought the farm – literally! She discovered a historic 500 year old farmhouse in the hills of Tuscany, and immediately foresaw its potential – it would serve as a Bed & Breakfast and cooking school, as well as the manufacturing plant for the family's unique brand of olive oil.

Today the second generation of Luhans remains dedicated to providing patrons with the same unique dining experience developed over twenty five years ago. By blending their rich, classic culinary heritage with their ability to anticipate the ever-evolving palates of diners, the Luhans have created a tasty recipe for success that will continue for generations to come.

Jorge Luhan II
President and Director of Operations
The Luhan Corporation